Baccarat is an exciting card game that belongs to the category of gambling and is often offered at most casinos. Whether it is land-based or online. Baccarat can also be mentioned as Punto Banco, so if you have heard of Punto Banco before, it is the same game as Baccarat. Anyone who is an avid fan of James Bond, Agent 007, may have even read Ian Fleming's first novel about him, Casino Royale. Then you have probably remembered how the game Baccarat has a significant role in the book, which has now also been filmed.

The word Baccarat is derived from Italian and can be said to mean "zero" or "nothing". It alludes to the fact that the face up cards along with the tens, which usually belong to the high value cards in most games, are actually not worth anything in Baccarat. Baccarat thus originated in medieval Italy and has since found its way into the French aristocracy during the 15th century. There, the trend quickly became to play Baccarat and developed towards the Baccarat that is played today. It is said that it was King Charles VIII who brought the game home to France and therefore was also most played among people who belonged to the French nobility. Even today, many players have Baccarat at the top of their list of favorite games at the casino. Perhaps this more often applies to those who are so-called "high rollers" and play for big money.

Baccarat or Punto Banco

As I said, the game can also be called Punto Banco, which means Points / Bank, and got its alternative name from handing out two short hands and then comparing the points between them. But those who live in casino circles will soon realize that the game is often referred to as Baccarat, which is also the international name for the card game.

It is no surprise that the game also found its way to the gaming city of Las Vegas and there the stakes were sky high and was a game favored by those with fat bank accounts. Nowadays, however, the game has been adapted so that everyone can try playing Baccarat. The bet levels have been adjusted to suit everyone. Despite this, the big players are still most attracted to the game. Therefore, it is not uncommon for high rollers to want to be anonymous and therefore casinos offer these players to stay in private lounges with their own dealer. Sometimes even the gaming table can even get a dividing line from other casino games through a rope that surrounds the table. The size of the game table can be compared to a craps table and can accommodate about twelve to fourteen players at a time.

Baccarat is, as I said, a card game that requires several decks of cards, between six and eight are most common. And the game itself involves you betting on an alternative of three. Either you bet that the player or the bank gets the best hand and wins. Or you can bet that it will be a draw. The rules of Baccarat are basically very simple and thus not very difficult to learn. Do not forget that it is, after all, a game of chance and means that the game is based on chance and luck. The game is about trying to get as close to nine as possible to pinch you a winning hand. The hand consists of either two or three cards. Therefore, it can be good to know the value of the cards in this game. The dressed cards are, as I said, valued at zero, including the tens. Aces are worth one while the other cards have the values they usually represent. In this game you also do not have to think about the colors. And if you get a sum that exceeds nine, you simply subtract the first one. For example, if you get two cards with the number 9, you add them and then get the sum 18. Now that you know the denominations that apply in the game and how to count, the game can begin! You bet on whether you think the bank's or player's hand is the winner, or also if there is a draw. When the bets are made, two cards are dealt to both hands.

If you have never played Baccarat before and only studied when it is played at a casino by others, it may seem complicated and complicated. In fact, the basic rules are easy, but there are a number of different routines in the game. The routines do not really have a direct function for how the game will end, but through the routines, Baccarat's character is built up.

Before you start playing

So before you get into a game of Baccarat, it's a good idea to take the time as a beginner to watch a few rounds while others play the game. Or why not play at one of all the online casinos that offer Baccarat? Then you can in peace and quiet learn all the rules at home on the couch and not get nervous about everyone else's eyes. You also do not have to think about the routines that barely exist when you play Baccarat online. The reason why they are not available online is for practical reasons. It would be almost impossible to play online then.

When it comes to profit and payout, there is a special table. Which can also be seen if easy to understand. If you bet on the player, it is 1: 1 that applies, in other words you get back what you bet but you also get back as much as you bet, your winnings. If you bet on the bank, a profit of 1: 1 also applies, but now 5 percent is deducted from the profit. If you bet on a draw, 8: 1 applies. You can play different variants of Baccarat. Of course there is the classic version then there is also the Chemin de Fer and something called Baccarat Banque.

Why not try your luck at Baccarat? Feel free to start playing Baccarat online and build up your knowledge of the game before heading to a real casino. Once you get into how the game works, you might as well have Baccarat on your list of favorite games!