Craps is the name of a regular dice game that most casinos offer, both virtually and for real. Many people who play at casinos believe that Craps is perhaps the most exciting and fastest table game available at casinos today.

A game with ancient origins

If we go back in time to a gentleman's many years, we will go back to antiquity when man was still primitive and lived in caves. Even though it was just the beginning of what man is today, it can be a rather astonishing thought that the dice game Craps has been around for so long that it can be considered one of the oldest games available at casinos. Ever since the Stone Age, man has been fascinated by dice and the randomness that determines which side of the dice has the luck or bad luck to land up after throwing them away. Of course, it is not the case that our ancestors played the Craps that is in casinos today, but it also does not erase the fact that we have played dice in one way or another long ago.

Craps - a poppis game

There are several reasons why Craps goes home with the players. On the one hand, players have a relatively simple opportunity to make the casino's advantage as small as possible by betting correctly. Craps is actually the only game in a casino where you as a player can take the upper hand from the house completely. And so perhaps the biggest reason. The chance to win money. Large sums of money. Craps is a fairly simple game and thus also easy to learn for most people. Many people find the game of Craps very entertaining and with a little time, more or less anyone can go from beginner to confident Craps player.

This old-fashioned game could very well be compared to any rock 'n' roll concert. The sound level, which easily goes up to higher decibel numbers, could be confused with the audience's cheers as a rock band enters the stage. Because in Craps, it is not just the players themselves who get so engrossed in the power of the dice over the money. The game has a tendency to attract spectators to the coup who are happy to help increase the excitement with their dedication to the game. In other words, a game of Craps can be extremely exciting and full of adrenaline. People who jump up and down, gesture wildly around them and like to make their voice heard in happiness or misfortune. Maybe it can attract many people to play or try Craps, precisely because of all that the game means around as well. But at the same time, the noise can deter many and therefore you opt out of Craps and sneak past quickly instead. Now it's time to think again! We actually have access to the internet almost everywhere nowadays, so why not try the game in the quiet corner of the home, far away from the physical craps table?

Craps online

If you are in the Mecca of casinos, Las Vegas in the USA, you can be sure that you will be offered the opportunity to play Craps. But if you are not in Las Vegas you can always play Craps from home! One of the advantages of playing from home is that you avoid noisy sounds and spectators watching your smallest step in the game. Instead, you can take that piano and concentrate entirely on your playing.

The dice game Craps is played at a large table in bright colors and as previously mentioned can also be a game with a very high sound volume. The game's chips fly around and players along with spectators are not ashamed to shout during the game rounds. That is why it is so exciting both for the players themselves and for the spectators.

The craps table itself can be compared to a regular pool table the size of a wooden railing that runs around the edge of the table. The function of the railing is to be a kind of protective wall against which players must roll their dice. The inside of the wall has been prepared with a random pattern which in turn causes the dice that meet the wall to bounce completely uncontrolled. Many craps tables also have special slots that are placed on the top so that those who play can place their chips somewhere. The surface of the table has a green bottom with special decoration on the fabric. In these, players can read what opportunities there are to bet on during the game rounds.

The basic rules of the game

Craps is actually a very simple game although many may feel confused by the layout found on a Craps table. In order for a new game with a new player to be able to start, the current player needs to roll a seven with the dice. Then this player can step aside and a new player can enter Craps and throw. Before rolling the dice, he or she makes a "pass line bet" or "no pass bet". Then the dice can be rolled. Should the outcome be such that the first roll results in a seven or an eleven, the first roll is called "making a pass" and this means that the "pass line" player becomes the winner and the "not pass" becomes the loser. If the outcome is instead that the dice show a second, third or a twelve, this is what is called Craps. It also means that the "not pass" player becomes the winner and the "pass line" instead loses.

Whoever plays as a "not pass" can be said to have two out of three winning numbers. Should the dice show the number twelve, you have played equal to the house. In other words, you win back your money. Due to this, all online casinos have a 1.4 percent advantage. If it were not in this way, it would mean that you as a player do not get any advantage at all against the house. You who play and roll the dice are called a shooter. And if a number other than 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 is the result of the come-out roll, this is called a place or point. That is, if the outcome is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Then you who throw continue to the so-called point number will be the outcome again. When the player manages to get a so-called point number, there are several bets that can be made on the following dice rolls. You have then succeeded in making the point and made the pass line player win. Should the outcome instead be a seven, the pass line player loses on something called sevening out. With sevening out, the player's round is over and the game can start again but with a new shooter.

Simply put - common sense and etiquette

You have now got a quick overview of what Craps is and some useful information about how the game works. Once you have learned the rules of the game, there are additional things to keep in mind at Craps. What ends up at the top of the list of important things to think about is perhaps a matter of course for some. You must of course have respect for the shooter and let him throw in peace. This means that you must not disturb in any way that could ruin the throw of the shooter. If you do not stay dry when it comes to this, you do not make yourself very popular among the others around the Craps table.

Another important thing to keep in mind is when shopping for chips. Remember not to buy or exchange chips when a game round is in progress. When are you going to do that? You simply have to wait until the game round is over. Another rule of thumb is that you absolutely do not do it when you roll the dice. If you start tinkering with your chips and thinking about buying more or switching, you can be pretty sure that you are creating an annoyance with the other players around the table.

Bet instead when it's time to bet. Keep your eyes open for when the dice are in front of the Boxman. Then it's time to invest. Otherwise, you can keep your ears open for someone to say "place your bets". These are basically your two chances to bet in the game. You do not have to try to make a late bet because apart from these two occasions, no more bets are counted in the game.

Remember that it is important that you stick to your place when you play. Do not fling rounds or lean over the table. Absolutely most important can be that you have your hands everywhere except on the table when it is someone other than yourself who is going to roll the dice. Should you do so, the scenario could be that the shooter manages to hit your hands with the dice, which in turn stops them. If the shooter then becomes the losing player, you can be pretty sure that you have created an enemy at the Craps table.

You will also encounter players who are superstitious. Maybe they have some special ritual they feel they need to do before throwing. What you should keep in mind is that you do not interrupt them in any way because then you are guaranteed to create discord. Just leave them alone and do not comment on what they are doing. Another superstition that many players take seriously is that you should not say the number seven out loud when playing. It should bring bad luck with it. In other words, avoid saying the number seven.

When it's your turn, be sure to be prepared. Roll the dice immediately and do not start talking to other people around the table. Focus on your throw and then let the talk come. When throwing, aim at the wall of the table opposite you. Also try to throw hard enough. Too hard a throw can move the other players' chips on the table and it can also create dissatisfaction with your presence.